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Live Healthy, Live Happy

Each tea with its own health benefit, ATOPP is sure to give you an unforgettable experience.

Enjoy a vast array of teas ranging from our spiced selection to our fruity ones. ATOPP has got it all!


Client Reviews

High quality tea that brings memories of drinking authentic tea in Sri Lanka. I love the wide variety of flavors/selection. My favorites are Early Grey, Royal Ceylon and Organic Black. My wife loves the Chai and English Breakfast. The rich packaging makes it an ideal gift option, a very good option for parties as well.


Client Reviews

Affordable and I drink this daily

Arrjun Asokan

Client Reviews

Amazing organic tea

The Chai tea is really good. I make my tea with hot water or boiled milk depending on what I prefer at that time :) I will be ordering more.

Sruthi Vijayaratnam

Client Reviews

Fruity black tea

Any time is tea time tea.
Great flavor.